Beautiful Young Ebony... First heard about this relatively unknown beautiful young Ebony provider from a couple of hobbyists that saw her a recent XXX-mas gathering...all said she would be a great lady for me to satisfy my curiousity about just how tastey Godiva chocolate can be! Mmmmmm...she did not disappoint...very beautiful, very responsive! Nothing like a twenty-something to satisfy an old guy! LOL!
Worth every penny! My First 1st high end provider I have been with. Boy was it worth every penny! Beautiful and sexual woman.
Dainty and petite She was stunning to look at. Dainty and petite, as pretty as any model. Stacked. She wore a multi colored snug fitting silky mini dress and just radiated hotness. She is here for you and reminds you of this in every act and gesture. You can fall deeply into those exotic eyes.
Nice round ass and legs ;) HOT! This girl looks like and moves like the hottest stripper you ever got a lap dance from.Great muscle tone with large natural looking and feeling boobs. Wonderful shaped nice round ass and legs that seem to go on forever.
She is smart, funny and even a little shy I booked 2 hours so that we could get to know each other a little. She is smart, funny and even a little shy. All in all the perfect package. I look forward to seeing her again. Be nice to her; she is special.
Highly Recommended She got more and more hot as each layer of clothing came off. She is highly recommended and I will definitely see her again!
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